Technology empowering humanity

New domain, Financial IntelligenceAnti-Money Laundering System

Its not always humanitarian service that support humanity; terrorism and drugs are demons eating away peace and progress. We have just entered the new domain of Financial Intelligence to join developing nations in their efforts to minimise the bane of Money Laundering, Financial Fraud and Illegal Financing. Not only will it help strengthen financial security of nations but will also keep the world a better and peaceful place.

One hundred million beneficiariesBirth Registration System Bangladesh

Onilne Birth and Death Registration System for Bangladesh is one of the projects we are proud of. This february it has registered 100 millionth birth record. Congratulations to the Government of Bangladesh, the Local Government Division. Online BRIS is a project developed in association with UNICEF Bangladesh. Our software touched 100 million more of lives.

Going GreenOur contribution for a better environment

In our continued efforts to empower humanity through technology, this year the company enhanced its power sources to renewable energy sources. Presently all its equipments are drawing power from dedicated solar power generation unit. Instead of using solar as backup power, the unit supplies power from solar energy throughout the day having grid power as backup source. This is an initiative in association with our sister company Briopass Industries Private Limited.