Technology empowering humanity

The new beginningPASKAN headquarters

Dream comes true; the headquarters of PASKAN Computing is now at Thiruvaniyoor, a beautiful village in the outskirts of Cochin city. PASKAN’s own office building shall be the centre of all operations including administration, business development and software development centre. Also in the making is a new office complex with additional capacity and state of the art facilities.

Touched 40 million livesBirth Registration System Bangladesh

Glad to share the news; on 7th March 2012, number of birth records in the electronic birth registry of Bangladesh crossed 40 Million mark. Congratulations to the Government of Bangladesh, the Local Government Division, the Birth Registration project and the UNICEF Bangladesh. We are proud when our software touches millions of lives around the world.

It is all about family careAlternative Care System for Ethiopia

Every three months of a young child spent in childcare institution, they lose one month of development! The 2005 health survey indicates that 10% of Ethiopian children under the age of 18 are not living with their father or mother. PASKAN has implemented Alternative Child Care Information System to help the Ethiopian government to prevent unnecessary separation of children from their families and to reunite those children in institution care with their families.